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Sarah Brightman Icontest

An Sarah Brightman Icontest

A Sarah Brightman Icontest Community
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An Sarah Brightman Icontest Community

by blueeyedsuzie

by carmiana

brightman_still is a two week challenge community (becareful, some challenges may be longer or shorter) for lovely singer Sarah Brightman, The Angel of Music.
The General Rules
The rules here at brightman_still tend to change from challenge to challenge (like the number of icons you're allowed to submit...etc). Please make sure you read each challenge carefully before you start creating you're icon. You will find specific rules within each challenge post.

But here are general rules:

1) Please follow the rules that apply to each individual challenge. Do not vote for your entries, do not ask/tell anyone else to vote for you and do not create several accounts to vote for yourself. However you may send people over and ask them to vote - generally. Just don't tell them which icon is yours. This obviously includes that your icon has to be made by you and for this challenge and cannot be posted anywhere until voting is over, and the announcement has been made who the winner(s) is.

2) All icons must fit LJ standards. (100x100px, under 40kb, GIF, JPG or PNG format). Icons have to be submitted as a reply to the challenge post (not to a reminder post, etc) to make sure the mod will see it and enter it into the voting.

3) Photos will be provided (unless otherwise stated). However, if there is a theme for a challenge you must stick with that theme (ie: Eden Photoshoot, you're icon must be from that photoshoot/album/press confernce...etc. Any questions feel free to ask in that challenges entry, but you do not have to use the photos that have been provided).

Submissions, Credit, Current/Past Challenges and Affiliates

I will specify with each challenge how many icons can be submitted, along with any other info such as pictures, lyrics, a color, ect. Submit your icons to the challenge entry in a comment, which will be screened. All submissions will be due by midnight EST on Friday (or otherwise stated!). Voting will last until midnight EST on Sunday (again unless it's otherwise stated), with results following soon after that. When submitting, use this format:

< img src=" IMAGE URL " >

Please follow this link for requests of custom banners, or pick and choose which set you would like to use for your winning icon ---> Banners For Winners

-:- Credit -:-

Owner - blueeyedsuzie
Mods - thrushcross and winterwater

Stylesheet by refuted
1st Harem Banner by thrushcross (thank you hun!!)
2nd Symphony Banner by blueeyedsuzie

Promo Banners by: blueeyedsuzie and carmiana

Banner Set 1 by: carmiana
Banner Set 2 by greeneyedmissy

-:- Past Challenges -:-

Challenge 1 - Symphony
Challenge 2 - Harem
Challenge 3 - La Luna
Challenge 4 - Artist Choice
Challenge 5 - Diva Photoshoot
Challenge 6 - Red or Black Dress
Challenge 7 -Winning Banners
Challenge 8 -Blind Mag
Challenge 9 - In Concert

-:- Current Challenge -:-

Challenge 10 - Christine from The Phantom of the Opera

-:- Affiliates -:-

poto_stillness emilie_stills
groupie_stills starsstills
magical_stuff crimson_iink
clive_stills xena_stills
willow_247 btvs_women
gerrychallenge regency_stills

-:- Want To Be An Affliate? -:-

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